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MMC II Learning Goals Reflection

March 13, 2014 by   

How did I fare in achieving my learning goals for Marketing, Media, and Communication II this term?

1. Gain familiarity with at least one new social media tool or web channel.

When I constructed my “media map draft” for the marketing plan, I learned of, which is a social media platform that facilitates user connection through fine art image collecting and sharing. I think this is potentially a powerful tool for both those new to the art world and veterans of it—gallery owners, curators, and interdisciplinary arts administrators, specifically. It helps keep users aware of what’s trending in the art world. I also learned of the community-focused neighborhood news platform, I could see myself personally using this website upon relocation after graduation to get a better sense of my locale, and also using it to list community events of interest that my future institution hosts.

2. Understand how to incorporate novel or experimental marketing techniques into a compelling and authentically wrought media campaign for a non-profit organization.

I learned how to mount a low-cost guerilla marketing campaign for the Santa Cruz MAH this term; this will be reflected in my marketing plan. Guerilla marketing can be over-the-top and potentially difficult to implement, but it can also take the form of small, quirky surprises that delight and/or inform unsuspecting potential customers. In the case of the MAH, they can use it to drive awareness towards social justice issues, as well as their exhibitions. I also learned quite a bit about experiential marketing through my lexicon essay. This provided me with a different framework for understanding the performing arts audience experience, giving me a new way to position my future work in programming (which will hopefully involve elements of the immersive experience) to other staff.

3. Achieve basic understanding of CRMs and be conversant in language surrounding their use.

Through visits with Tessitura and TRG Arts, I gained an awareness of the incredible data analysis opportunities provided by customer relationship management systems, from segmentation, to development, to ticketing. While I wish we had had some hands-on time with one or both of the programs, I am grateful that I now understand what a powerful tool a CRM system can be. There seems to be almost no end to what you can do with a platform like Tessitura, although ample staff time (and possibly at least one dedicated IT person) seems to be required to really unlock its true potential.

4. Learn how to create a functional marketing plan for a non-profit organization!

Through creation of a marketing plan for the Santa Cruz MAH, I feel confident that I am able to now assess the strengths and weaknesses of an organization, ascertain essential organizational marketing goals, and create an action plan to address specific marketing objectives. I enjoyed the opportunity to be able to think through each marketing strategy systematically, and in relative detail. I hope to gain a more thorough and realistic understanding of budgeting for marketing when I take Financial Management next term.


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