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  1. Values Prioritization

    January 21, 2013 by

    Values Prioritization Assignment

    AAD 604 Internship 1, Winter 2013

    Alexandra Richardson


    I really enjoyed the Values Prioritization assignment. My top six values and some reflection on each, including their possible correlate qualities within an internship, are below.


    • Personal development/growth orientation: Preferring activities and environments that contribute to personal growth, needs, sense of purpose, and/or spirituality.

    At this point in my life, the most important thing to me is pushing myself and learning and growing intellectually/spiritually. In an internship, I expect to have a large degree of trust put in me by my superiors, and being given autonomy to make the organization (and myself) proud with the work I do. I want to be somewhere where we all take our work seriously.

    • Altruism/social service/helping society and others: Wanting to contribute to improving the human condition, society, and/or individuals’ quality of life.

    I would like to intern amongst people that value taking care of others (or simply enriching the lives of others through the arts), and see their job as an extension of that value.

    • Social relations/affiliation/community/cultural identity/family orientation: Needing to have a supportive circle of friends inside or outside the workplace. Belonging to a cultural, religious, or civil group. Strong emphasis on relationships, family, and friendships.

    I appreciate working in an organization where staff collaborate with and support one another—both in work projects through good communication and respect for one another’s ideas, and informally, acting as extended family when possible/appropriate.

    • Competence/ability utilization/intellectual status: making full use of skills and knowledge in a job. Having a mastery orientation. Liking to express expertise.

    In past work experiences and in school, I like to have the time, space, and tools to do high-quality work and I aim to never cut corners. It’s important to me to do a good job and feel like I am utilizing my skills to the fullest extent possible (as well as having the opportunity to learn new skills).

    • Lifestyle/location: Preferring to live according to own choices, wishes, and desires and/or finding a place to live that facilitates living own lifestyle.

    Geographical location is a big factor in where I will intern and later, work. I prefer to live in a large, culturally-rich metropolis. I also would like to work in a fun environment that celebrates diversity, creativity and the uniqueness of the employees.

    • Task specificity/structure/precision work: Having clear guidelines, procedures, and/or specifications to follow in completing work; attention to detail and accuracy in accomplishing tasks.

    Work environments that are established, have clear ethical standards, and consistent operational methods are most comfortable for me. I like when my job duties to match my job description and feeling that I know exactly what is expected of me. I enjoy taking on new projects and can adapt to changes, but I still like to have my basic responsibilities outlined clearly.


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