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Getting There

I will graduate, if all goes as planned, in June 2014. Between now and then, I will learn a wide range of skills and theory relating to arts administration. I hope to emerge from the program with a holistic perspective of the work landscape for a contemporary arts leader. I plan to be equipped to manage all aspects of an arts organization, and able to effectively troubleshoot problems as they arise. I will achieve this goal by gaining knowledge of art and social theory, uses of technology and design in arts administration, research methods, special issues pertaining to performing arts management, and nonprofit administration particulars like financial and strategic planning for an organization.


Fall 2012

AAD 550 Art in Society (4)

AAD 610 Cultural Administration (4)

AAD 584 Advanced Information Design and Presentation (3)

AAD 608 Performing Arts Industry (3)

AAD 510 Community Arts Think Tank (2)

Winter 2013

Practicum at WOW Hall Community Music Center in Eugene, OR (2)

AAD 585 Multimedia For Arts Administrators (3)

AAD 606 Internship I (1)

AAD 630 Research Methods (4)

AAD 571 Performing Arts Management (4)

Spring 2013

Practicum at ASUO Women’s Center (2)

AAD 510 Arts Learning Policy and Practice (4)

AAD 605 Reading (1)

AAD 510 Artistic Administration in Performing Arts (4)

PPPM 522 Grant Proposal Writing (1)

AAD 522 Arts Program Theory (4)

Summer 2013

AAD 604 Internship II (6)

Fall 2013

AAD 562 Cultural Policy (4)

AAD 604 Internship III (1)

AAD 631 Research Proposal (3)

AAD 610 Marketing, Media, and Communication I (4)

PPPM 680 Managing Nonprofits (4)

Winter 2014

AAD 601 Research Capstone (3)

PPPM 581 Resource Development (4)

AAD 610 Marketing, Media, and Communication II (4)

Spring 2014

AAD 601 Research Capstone (3)

PPPM 684 Public/Nonprofit Financial Management (4)

AAD 520 Event Management (4)




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