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AAD 510 Arts Learning Policy and Practice

This course concerns policies and programs in arts education that take place in school, during out-of-school time, and as education programs conducted and supported by public arts and nonprofit arts agencies. We will examine the historical context out of which de facto arts education policies emerged in the United States, and the resulting effects of these federal policies and programs on arts education program delivery. The purpose of this course is to prepare arts management professionals to enter the field with skills and knowledge about the historical and contemporary practices in arts learning, to know how to access resources and information around critical issues, and to gain perspectives on current best practices in arts learning so that they may continue to advance the field through research, policy, and practice. This course will be conducted seminar style with a focus on critical reading, analysis, and discussion.

Arts managers facilitate the conditions for the best possible arts experiences to happen, whether this is through effective communication, grant development, program development, program implementation, or advocacy. This course focuses on essential knowledge for arts managers relative to arts learning practices. Readings are selected to familiarize students with key concepts, issues, and practices. Assignments are designed so that students complete the course with a basic overview of arts learning policy and practice, components of structuring arts learning programs based on current “best practices”, and their own potential role in facilitating such programs.

Primary Assignments (demonstrations of learning):

ePortfolio Learning Objectives

Weekly Critical Response Posts:  Week 3; Week 4; Week 5; Week 6; Week 7; Week 8; and Week 9 .

Team-based class facilitation

Best Practices Rubric Analysis

Arts Education Program Plan

Final Synthesis Paper

Final ePortfolio Post





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