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  1. The New Academic Year

    September 30, 2013 by

    I’m getting ready for the 2013-2014 school year! Here are some of the adventures I’ll be embarking on:

    -Planning events as the Administrative Chair of Emerging Leaders in the Arts Network, AAD’s chapter of Americans For the Arts Emerging Leaders Network

    -Booking performing arts acts as the Performing Arts Coordinator for U of O’s Cultural Forum

    -Serving as a Graduate Teaching Fellow for AAD by assisting with the undergraduate AAD course Art and Gender, taught by Julie Voelker-Morris (I couldn’t have asked for a better assignment–helping convey the intersection between the arts and women’s and gender studies to new students)

    -And of course, completing my AAD coursework and terminal research! What path will my research take me on this year? I suspect I will start to get a clearer picture through the core course, Research Proposal.

    Here’s to a really good year. I wish both my cohort and the incoming AADers plenty of fun, a healthy dose of determination, and creative and intellectual epiphanies galore in the next nine months. Let’s get it started!


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