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February, 2013

  1. Web 2.0 App Abstract: Musicovery

    February 28, 2013 by

    AAD 585 Multimedia In Arts Administration

    Web 2.0 App Abstract Assignment

    Assignment Description:

    Students pick a Web 2.0 app that they use, and/or one they are interested in knowing more about, to write a brief abstract about its features, application, and value. This will be presented like a product review, approximately a page in length, and submitted as a PDF. These will be shared on my instructional blog. Web 2.0 apps include Diigo, Skype, Prezi, Evernote, Flickr, hulu, digg, weebly, Linkedin, and many more.

    Musicovery Web 2.0 App Abstract

  2. Showcase ePortfolio Template and Narrative

    February 21, 2013 by

    AAD 585 Multimedia In Arts Administration

    Showcase ePortfolio Web Template and Narrative Assignment


    PDF: Showcase ePortfolio Template and Narrative

  3. Arts Organization Website Case Study

    February 19, 2013 by

    AAD 585 Multimedia In Arts Administration

    Arts Org. Website Case Study Assignment

    Assignment Description: Students will pick an arts organization (their internship site makes for an interesting choice) and critique the organization website. The case study will include a brief backgrounder of the organization, an overall assessment – addressing design, UI (user interface), navigation, functionality, and content, and prescription for improvement.

    PDF of Portland Institute for Contemporary Art website case study: Website Case Study

  4. Potential Research Methods

    February 18, 2013 by

    AAD 630 Research Methods

    Research Methods Blog Post

    In completing my second-year research, I will attempt to answer the question, What models of programming are most effective at engaging audiences at a live music venue? Further, what are the benefits of participatory models of programming for an audience member? Enhanced creativity? Increased social connections and/or creative collaborations between community members? Or simply, an increase in enjoyment of a performance?

    I expect my research to mainly be approached mainly from the audience perspective. I intend to conduct two or more case studies of organizations with innovative, interdisciplinary, and/or participatory music programming, using personal observation and possibly interviews with staff members to understand why innovative music or performing arts venues program the way that they do. The rest of my research will be conducted through audience surveys and/or focus groups pre- and post-performance. My research will be qualitative and exploratory in nature, as I attempt to understand what audiences stand to gain from a venue’s participatory model of musical programming. Rather than looking for a specific increase in measurable attributes within a population, I will seek to gain a deeper understanding of the experience of a smaller number of individuals. I believe this can best be accomplished through surveys and focus groups. In addition to these research methods, I will conduct a literature review in order to situate my research topic within a framework of live music as a breeding ground for improved quality of life, personal transformation, and possibly, social group development and inception of creative projects.


  5. 20 Years in Record Time

    February 7, 2013 by

    AAD 585 Multimedia In Arts Administration

    Biopic Assignment

    Assignment Description: Students create a 2-4 minute video biopic or one based on a passion that represents who they are, an interest, etc… but the intent is to create a piece that demonstrates their knowledge of how to use video as a viable communication tool in their Arts Management area study; that it can be included as a work sample on their Showcase ePortfolio. Use of video and still images, and audio trackediting is encouraged, as are other content features and editing unique to this presentation medium. This will be exported in a Quicktime or MP4 video format at the Vimeo recommended export standards. Videos will be made accessible via Vimeo or another video sharing network.


    This video, which I titled “20 Years in Record Time,” chronicles the last two decades of my life in photographs and music albums. I picked a photo that spoke to a major theme in that year for my personal development, and accompanied it with an audio clip from my favorite album of the year. This was incredibly challenging. Not only was choosing the pictures difficult (and I had to scan hard copies in of most), but cutting the soundtrack of each year to a mere 11 seconds was sort of painful. Music and people are the two biggest influences on my personal development, and I felt strange having to leave out some key individuals and albums due to the constraints of the project. But,it was still a deeply satisfying experience. This video is not, of course, exhaustive. It is a snapshot. I made the video with iMovie, and imported photos that I processed in Photoshop, as well as mp3s from iTunes. The sound editing was actually my favorite part. I considered adding captions to the photo or a voiceover describing them, but decided that since I couldn’t string them together into some cohesive narrative, the descriptions would be forgettable and therefore, inessential. I think the video does manage to reflect where I’ve come from and who I am now–and how music has shaped and supported me throughout the years.


  6. Personal Learning Environment

    February 7, 2013 by

    AAD 585 Multimedia In Arts Administration

    PLE and Narrative Assignment


    PLE  Assignment Description– Students create a graphic representation of their Personal Learning Environment – examples on my blog from past cohorts, and links to PLE sites. A written and/or recorded narrative must accompany the PLE (depending on the media type used for presentation).


    I chose to represent my personal learning environment (PLE) as a village because I feel as though I am immersed in a community that offers new avenues for learning at every turn. I have a lot of fun entering different spaces—both actual and metaphorical—to acquire the information I need.

    • The University represents the University of Oregon. This is a new element to my PLE. While I learn much in the buildings and classrooms I frequent, my cohort and professors are responsible for inspiring me every day, and challenge me to work harder.
    • The Theatre/Music Hall symbolizes WOW Hall, where I am currently engaged in a practicum, as well as all the music venues in Portland and Eugene where I have rehearsed, performed, or seen live music. I learn from the performers I watch, and I learn something about myself every time I sing publicly.
    • The Radio Station is the media hub. Since moving to Eugene, U of O’s radio station, KWVA has become a fixture in my life. I also learn of music and news stories through NPR, and discover many favorite new bands through KEXP, U of W’s radio station. I included television and Netflix under this category, as well. This is part of how I stay connected to local, national, and international entertainment and current events.
    • The Library symbolizes all the learning that I engage in through the written word—either online, or through books and periodicals. Reading has taken center stage since I began this program, and I expect it to occupy an even greater space as I begin to engage in research. The library, metaphorically, is the place where I feel most comfortable in this village, besides Home.
    • Home is my friends and family, as well as the base from which I operate. This is where I feel safe to hash out ideas, to learn about myself, and glean wisdom from those close to me. This is my chosen social community, and also includes public places where I can observe people. Facebook is part of home, a site that helps me stay current on the affairs of those who are important to me.
    • The Apothecary is where I go to get well, at least, that’s the goal. I have spent much time in doctor’s offices since I was a baby. I learn from healthcare professionals, clinics, and pharmacies, and teach myself about medical issues using medical websites.
    • The Spiritual Center is where I find solace and guidance. I learn about my religion from books, websites, and tools such as astrology and tarot. I learn by practicing at home, and out in nature. I sometimes attend churches, as well.
    • The Music Store helps me learn about new music, along with the Radio Station. In the past, I’ve worked in a record store and wrote for a music blog, and I gather “Best Of” lists every December to make a spreadsheet with the critics’ top albums of the year. I learn both by checking out others’ music recommendations and exploring new music in physical stores and in iTunes.


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