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I am currently a student in my first year of the University of Oregon’s Arts and Administration Master’s Program. This site will serve as a dynamic record, documenting my schoolwork and research as I progress through the program.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with an English minor from Portland State University in 2004. During my break in schooling I had the chance to work in the arts, serving as a Project Manager for a music manufacturing company and volunteering for arts festivals in my hometown of Portland, OR. I have danced, sung and acted since childhood, primarily focusing on singing for the past decade. I am thrilled to work towards the goal of securing a lifelong career in the arts.

What moves me about music is its ability to affect a listener emotionally and spiritually. With the performing arts venue acting as facilitator, when a performer is engaged with the audience, he or she can assist the listener in connecting with a perhaps otherwise inaccessible state of feeling or being. My initial attraction to psychology as a career came out of the desire to promote healing in an individual. Music, I believe, has the capacity to not only heal, but to encourage cross-generational and cross-cultural bonding amongst community members. I am interested in studying music as a tool for communion and communication.

Portland Nighttime Skyline

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