Teacher Training/Workshops

University of California-Los Angeles/University of Southern California Joint East Asian Studies Center

University of Colorado, Boulder: NCTA Seminars and Offerings. Includes 30-hour seminars in classroom settings, as well as online courses ranging from short webinars to 30-hour courses. Add your name to the TEA mailing list here to receive announcements of future online courses.

Indiana University/University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign East Asian Studies Center: National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA). Focused on teaching and learning about Asia in middle and high school world history, geography, social studies, and literature courses. At select universities nation-wide.

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Carolina Asia Center: Online workshops and courses

UNC Field Study and Study Tours

UNC Simulcasts and Webinars

Stanford Center East Asia Summer Institute for High School Teachers

Stanford Center East Asia Seminar for Middle School Teachers

University of Utah Asia Center, K-12 teacher training

Ohio State University East Asian Studies Center

University of Washington East Asia Center: Language Pedagogy Workshops for K-12 Language Teachers