Asia-themed books for K-12 and Community College

The National Consortium for Teaching About Asia: Book Awards

Teaching Foreign Languages Videos

Monolith: Hero’s Journey Project:This project provides the tools to understand the common heroic narrative that follows a heroic protagonist as he begins his journey, has transformative adventures, and returns home. This resources provides a formula to compare literary traditions across time and space, as well as specific examples: Mali’s Sunjata, South Asia’s Ramayana, and Japan’s Yamato.

Words without Borders 



Japan Foundation App “Kanji Memory Hint 1”: A learning tool for beginners.

Marugoto e-learning: A variety of online platforms for learning Japanese. Aimed at beginners.

Hirogaru: Provides articles and videos on a variety of topics, including anime, tea, and calligraphy.

Hiragana coloring page

Doraemon Videos

Curriculum on Basho and haiku

NHK News Easy

Classroom activity: A Day in the Life of a Japanese Child

JapanPITT: Language

The University of Kansas Japanese Language Teaching Materials

Easy Japanese: Basic Phrases (youtube video series)

Easy Japanese (youtube video series): everyday colloquial Japanese 

Raejer Read Japanese with bilingual texts


Manga: exploring archetypes lesson plan: A lesson plan that uses manga to explore archetypes. Aimed at grade 9.

Literature and explring gender roles: Lesson compares gender roles in two Japanese novels: The Sailor who Fell from Grace with the Sea by Yukio Mishima and Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto (Literature Grades 11-12)

Godzilla vs. Power Rangers: The Development of Tokusatsu: Lesson looks at traditional influences of modern stories.

Teaching Japan through Children’s Literature

Using Manga to Decipher Non-fiction Text Lesson Plan

A quick explanation of Kamishibai

Japanese Folktales: Lesson Plan

Exploring World Cultures through Folktales: Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan for Japanese Poetry (from ExEAS)

The Tale of Genji

Japan Library: Japanese books in translation


The Old Bamboo-Hewer’s Story

The Tale of Princess Kaguya (Trailer) (an adaption of the story above)

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts

Folktales from Japan

Japanese Mythology and Folklore

16 Japanese Folktales for Kids



Who wants to be a millionaire game (from this site)

Asia Society resources for Chinese language teachers

CCTV (China Central Television): Try the Documentary Channel (CCTV 9) and the Children’s Channel (CCTV 14), for learning basic vocabulary or focusing on a particular topic.

Chinese Language Resources from U Michigan

Chinese Teaching Blog

Teaching Chinese with Tang Dynasty Poems

Chinese Name Generator

The Mandarin Center

The Marco Polo Project: A good tool for reading comprehension

NYU Resources: A wealth of online resources for Chinese language teachers

Powerpoint Swap: A site where Chinese teachers share their powerpoint presentations on History, Culture, and Language

Practice Chinese: A Blog created by Chinese teachers

Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools

Easy Mandarin (youtube video series): Excellent resource for understanding everyday colloquial Mandarin

Easy Cantonese (youtube series)


The Four Classic Novels of Chinese Literature

Introduction to Chinese Literature (Asia for Educators)

Stories from Chinese Literature


Chinese Folktales

Famous Chinese Myths You Must Know Part 2 – China’s Four Great Folktales

Chinese Folktales: “The White-Nosed Cat” and Other Tales From the Chinese-Speaking World





KBS World Radio

UNC Online Resources for Korean Language Learning

Easy Korean (youtube video series): everyday colloquial Korean

Relationship between Using Korean Folktales in Foreign Language Class and Learners’ Reading Comprehension and Cultural Understanding (a dissertation)


A Brief History of Korean Literature

Korean Literature

Ten Works of Contemporary Korean Literature in Translation

Korean Literature Now (KLN)


Korean through Folktales: A GREAT online book for teaching Korean culture and language through folktales.

Korean Folktales

KBS World Radio: Korean Folktales

The Sun and the Moon

The Story Spirits

Sejong Culture Society: Korean Folk Tales