On this page you can find 5 Word timelines:

  • A short and long version of a general world history timeline, followed by videos to aid in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese pronunciation of the terms
  • Three timelines that focus more specifically on art history. They are divided into ancient history to around 1CE; 1CE to around 1600 CE; and 1600CE to present

In addition to the above, the following link provides an interactive timeline for use by students. Most entires have links to further online content, such as essays on Khan Academy and the Met Museum, as well as youtube videos:

World History Art Timeline, ancient to ~1600CE

World History Art Timeline, ~1600 to present

World History Timeline (Long):

World History Timeline (Short):

Chinese Pronunciation Guide:

Korean Pronunciation Guide:

Japanese Pronunciation Guide:


Ancient History to Start of Common Era:

Start of Common Era to ~1600 CE:

~1600 CE to Present: