History/Social Studies


Library of Congress Country Studies

“An Economic Miracle”: A Comparison (Lesson Plan)

ExEASEast Asian Societies Teaching Material

ExEASEast Asian Philosophy, Religion

East Asian Geography

Fordham University Online East Asian History Sourcebook

MIT Visualizing CulturesA website dedicated to “image-driven scholarship and learning.” Mainly focuses on China and Japan. Some units contain standards-compliant curriculum.

NPR Climate Connections Interactive Map: Takes a look at the effect of climate on people and vice versa.

Socratic Seminar: Religion, Philosophy, and Political Power in East Asia


China 360: History and Social Science

From Silk to Oil Cross-Cultural Connections Along the Silk Road (Lesson Plan)

History of China (University of Maryland)

Puppets on the Move: China and the Silk Road (Lesson Plan)

The Song DynastyView life in the Song Dynasty through an interactive scroll

View a Qing Dynasty Chinese Home

Visual Sourcebook for Chinese Civilization


At Home in Japan: Japanese culture and society designed for students preparing to study abroad

Becoming Modern: Early 20th-Century Japan through Primary Sources (Lesson Plan)

Cross Currents: Focuses on similarities between the US and Japan

Contemporary Japanese Society and Culture: Material developed by Theodore Bestor and Helen Hardcore

Cultural Encounters: Teaching Japan in World History

The Fall of the Samurai

Family and Other Families: Using Totoro to Teach Family Structure (Lesson Plan)

Imaging Japanese History: Provides five modules for high school educators to look at history through art

Japanese American Internment: How Young People Saw It (Lesson Plan)

Japanese Karp/Children’s Day

JapanPITT: History

JapanPITT: Society

Kamishibai for Turbulent Times: This lesson plan uses Kamishibai (a type of street entertainment using picture cards) to explore the 1960s and 70s.

Medieval Japan Lesson Plan (PDF)

Obento: The Japanese Lunch Box

Visualizing Japan in Modern World History


The Belief Systems of Ancient Korea: A Case Study of Cultural Diffusion in the Far East (Lesson Plan)

Challenges Remain: North Korean Refugees in South Korea (Lesson Plan)

Changing Roles of South Korean Women (Lesson Plan)

Choson Dynasty and Women’s Rights: Custom and Law (Lesson Plan)

A Comparison of Student Activists (Lesson Plan)

Cultural Diffusion in Korean Society (Lesson Plan)

Dividing the Korean Peninsula (Lesson Plan)

Folktales of Korea

Life in Korea

Korean Culture Project

Korean Customs and Education System (Lesson Plan)

The Korean Enigma: A module on Korean history from NASA’s Classroom of the Future

A Korean Meal: Teaching Confucian Manners Through Dining Etiquette (Lesson Plan)

The Korean Way of Tea (Lesson Plan)

South Korean Currency: A Window into South Korean History and Culture (Lesson Plan)

The US in South Korea: Ally or Empire? Perspectives in Geopolitics (Lesson Plan)

Why did South Korea Become a Democracy? (Lesson Plan)