Art/Art History


AP Art History (University of Utah)Curriculum based on a core foundation of 250 images of non-Western art, the teaching resources here include video clips by art historians, bibliographical references, and links to additional online resources.

Asia in the Arts: Connects teachers to museum resources

theArpoInformation for traditional and contemporary performing arts

Columbia University Online Museum Resources for Asian Art

ExEASVisual Arts


Teaching Resources for East Asian Art: From NACTA


China 360: Visual and Performing Arts

The Chinese Art of Calligraphy (Lesson Plan)

Chinese Buddhism and Pagodas Lesson Plan

Chinese Instruments (Lesson Plan)

The Song Dynasty in ChinaView life in the Song Dynasty through an interactive scroll

Stefan Landsberger’s Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages

Western and Chinese Art: Masters and Classics (an EdX online course): From the course website: “This course will examine Western and Chinese art, artists and history. Through exploring immortal works of art, this course will help learners gain insight into our shared history and better understand culture, both past and present.”


Edo-period Monster paintings

Gyotaku Japanese Fish Printing (Lesson Plan)

Hachimaki/Shibori (Lesson Plan)

Imaging Japanese History: Provides five modules for high school educators to look at history through art

Japan Artists Information Directory (JAID)

Japanese Hell Scrolls 

JapanPITT: Culture

Joseph Wu’s Origami Page

Manga and Anime Curriculum

Ukiyo-e Block Prints Lesson Plan (PDF) (Lesson Plan)

University of Indiana Japanese Art Program: Included topics: daruma dolls, family crests, kimono, name stamps, gardens, cartoons and idioms, and school paintings


Korean Art and Culture: A Teacher’s Sourcebook: From the Peabody Essex Museum

Panel Paintings – Korean Occupation Years and the Trail of Tears: Cultural genocide of Korea and Cherokee (PDF) (Lesson Plan)

Korean Renaissance Art: 1400-1600 CE (Lesson Plan)

Korean Art Terms