Resources on Buddhism

Buddhism, General

Introduction to Buddhism

Broad overview of Buddhism, with additional resources

Glossary of Buddhist terms

Major movements in Buddhism

Main branches of Buddhism

The Buddhist Society, Resources Page

BuddhaNet: Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc.

Digital Dictionary of Buddhism

Once Upon a Time: A Collection of Buddhist Stories

A Short Guide to Tibetan Buddhism

Himalayan Art Resources

American Buddhism

Buddhism and Tea

Buddhism and Tea

Buddhist Monks Drink Green Tea

Simple Tea Meditation

Buddhist, Tea and Caffeine

Zen and the Art of Tea

The Way of Tea

Tea and Spirituality

Buddhism and the Tea Ceremony

The Oneness of Tea and Zen

Buddhism and Tea Culture

Tea and Buddhism

A Brief Overview of Buddhist Influence on Tea Culture

Buddhism, China

Buddhism in China

Buddhism in China, resources from Indiana University

Buddhism in China, resources from Asia Society

Chinese Buddhism, resources from the University of Washington

Buddha Caves

Timeline of Buddhism in China

H-Buddhism resource list for Buddhism in China

Asia for Educators, primary sources on Buddhism in China (scroll down for section on Buddhism)

Buddhism, Korea

Introduction to Korean Buddhism, UCLA Center for Buddhist Studies

A short overview of Korean Buddhism

Buddhism in Silla Korea

The Great Unification Buddha

Timeline of Buddhism in Korea

Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism

Oxford Bibliographies, Korean Buddhism

History of Buddhism in Korea

Buddhism in Korea

Buddhism, Japan

Introduction to Buddhism in Japan

Overview of Buddhism in Japan

Religious practice of the samurai

Evolution of Buddhism in Japan

Timeline of Buddhism in Japan

Oxford Bibliographies, resources on Buddhism in Japan

Asia for Educators, primary sources on Buddhism in Japan (scroll down for section on Buddhism)

The Japanese Garden: Zen Gardens