Personal Learning Environment

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When developing my personal learning environment, I was initially draw to the idea of creating something by hand due to my kinesthetic learning style. However, like most of us, I find myself learning more often than not through technology.  Due to this, I decided upon the use of infographics, although you will see a “makers” touch throughout the design.


I wanted to have a little fun with this project and break out of the professional design approach we’ve been learning this term. I added a sense of humor to the infographics to reflect the light hearted approach I take to learning. The learning process in graduate school can be stressful, and I find humor within our courses and course work is a good way to alleviate this. Looking at the structure of my PLE you will find three categories of learning. The first one, located at the top, is reflective of my comfort zone. This space is what keeps me going. It allows me to continue my learning process and helps to keep me focused. You’ll find comforts such as my family and friends, my dogs, coffee, wine, chocolate, and yoga. Without making this category a priority, I often find my learning process is not as successful.


The second category, located in the middle of my PLE, explore the technologies I use daily. This technology includes websites, social media, software, and apps used as resources in my learning environment. You will see technology spans through the majority of my learning environment due to the discovery of using technology for almost every learning situation. Even when working in the studio I find myself using online resources for information as well as listening to podcasts and music while I work. Through my daily life I utilize technology to gather news and information as well as using it as a resource in completing work. Since starting college, I don’t believe I have ever complete an assignment without utilizing technology in some way.


On the opposite end of technology, I decided to incorporate the physical space I find myself in while learning. This is important because I am one who is very specific about the spaces I work in. I have a difficult time working in loud environments, and also find I am more productive when working in familiar spaces. Within my physical learning environment, I have included the University of Oregon, specifically Lawrence Hall. This is where I do most of my learning considering I attend school and work in the same building. I also included spaced in my home where learning is done. I often work at my desk and later move to my bed when I need a change. I also incorporated books into this category, because it is a physical resource surrounding my PLE.


Overall, I have learned my personal learning environment has developed into a broad and encompassing web of resources. Even though I tend to be repetitive in my learning process, this shows me I rely on several resources in order to be successful while learning.