Reflection on Learning Goals

1.Learn more about typography.

This course allowed for a brief introduction to the rather robust world of typography. I am more comfortable now deciding what fonts to use when designing. As we move further into marketing and design, I hope to continue expanding my knowledge of typography.

2. Develop a stronger understanding of design and apply this knowledge to useful marketing tactics.

As we moved through the course work I came to realize I am more knowledgable in design than I thought. My background in studio work helped me develop a stronger understanding of concepts. I was able to utilize previous knowledge and new information to aesthetically design my work.

3. Become comfortable enough with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign to put it on a resume.

I am much more comfortable using Illustrator than I was in the past. I feel my skills can be applied in several circumstances and have come to enjoy the program. I am less comfortable with Photoshop and InDesign as we did not use them as often as Illustrator.

4. Utilize Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign in an efficient manner.

As previously mentioned, I am comfortable using Illustrator. I am able to use this software efficiently, but still have the habit of manipulating small details for long amounts of time.

5. Learn how to apply marketing knowledge to help create success within a program.

I have yet to gain the knowledge in order to achieve this goal. I believe this is something I will be able to do next term.