What is the Toolkit?

Telling our stories is a fun and interactive website where you can find everything you need to tell about YOUR community. Whether you are recording the stories of your family, your classroom, your sports team, or your fashion club, you’ve got a story to tell, and others want to hear it!

You can choose to interview a friend, a relative, a colleague, or members of your community who are willing and interested in sharing their story. What’s more, you can choose a variety of topics.

Recording stories can be fun and as easy as 1-2-3.This online Toolkit provides the resources for how to get started, it helps you think about how what medium or technology you can use to carry out interviews, it provides you with information on how to preserve the stories, and also, how to share your story.

These tools of recording and publishing are accessible to anyone who wants to tell their personal story, the stories of their family or community. It is designed to be user-friendly. In other words, it provides the option to work with a variety of materials and resources that are already accessible to you so you may begin recording stories.

Why does this Toolkit matter?

This self-documentation toolkit gives the wider community the tools to record the stories and histories of their family, friends and community. It is a way of engaging others in telling of their histories through their own perspective.

This self-documentation toolkit turns the ‘writing of history’ on its head because the writing is being done from inside. In other words, self-documentation projects give recognition to the stories and voices of those who are sharing their experiences. It is a way for becoming a good storyteller!

We hope that this toolkit helps build the rich history and culture of communities that make up this state and our nation.
Everyone has a story worth telling, so why not record it and share it with others!



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  1. I teach research methods to graduate and undergraduate social work students living in N. CA and I might use this site as part of an assignment (with permission).

  2. @ Jen. We’re pleased that you are interested in the tools on this site. Please encourage your students to let us know if there are particularly valuable components, or additions we should consider making. There are so many wonderful tools out there. Feel free to recommend them to us and other followers, by making comments here, and elsewhere on this site. Keep in touch!

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