What is archiving?

Archiving is nothing more than safely storing everything you have collected to tell your story. Unlike your final story, your personal archive includes all notes that you took, all photos, audio or video recordings, etc. A good archive is well organized and easily accessible to other people (such as your family members, your friends, or anyone with whom you want to share your work!).

Why archive?

  • Because what you are doing is important.
  • So you can share your work with others now and in the future, it’s like a time capsule!
  • Because you can keep everything that will provide others with the full story.
  • It contributes to history.

 Think about

·         How should your story be archived? Who should decide how to archive it? These are important questions to think about as you consider how to keep your stories for years to come. One idea is to gain your interviewee’s permission. Make sure all people involved get to see the final product and be allowed to give their opinions on archiving.  Source:

·         Remember to share your story with the person you interviewed, and allow your interviewees to look at all materials related to their story before opening them to the public.

·         Make sure that you credit all people or information used in your written, video, audio or archival work.


Archive Examples

Heritage Scrapbooks –

Karuk Weavers – –

Yale Daily News Historical Archive –

Want to get Professional?

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