Joint Undergrad Graduate Mentorship Program – JUMP

JUMP mentor and mentee applications for 2018-2019 are closed. Look back next Fall for more opportunities to join!

“College is confusing and so is science, sometimes.” ~JUMP Mentee

“As a freshman, it is easy to feel lost in such a new environment, not only by the work load, but course selections as well … I believe that JUMP is the perfect opportunity to receive the extra help, and boost the quality of my education.” ~ JUMP Mentee

About JUMP:

The JUMP program seeks to enhance the retention of undergraduates in all sciences through direct interaction with graduate student mentors. By building relationships between undergrad and grad students, we hope to enhance the personal, educational, and career skills that will allow students to excel in their undergraduate scientific career, as well as provide them the tools they need to start the next stage of their scientific endeavors.

The goal of this program is to establish mentoring relationships between undergraduates interested in science careers with graduate students in scientific disciplines at the University of Oregon. Graduate students first apply for open mentor positions, and the undergraduate students apply and are chosen to work with a specific graduate student (no more than four undergrads per grad student) with undergraduate seniority, interest, and investment in the mentoring process as selection criteria.

Graduate students meet with their mentees for a minimum of 6 hours per quarter in either one-on-one meetings or group settings to discuss time management, research availability at UO, career advice, the grad school application process, provide letters of recommendation, etc. as needed by the mentees. Each quarter, students are expected to attend a meeting organized by the JUMP committee for all participants in the JUMP program to discuss goals for the program and the quarter. At the end of each quarter, both graduate students and undergraduate mentees fill out self-evaluations and evaluations of their mentor/mentee. An end of the year celebration will follow after the Spring term, with the possibility of continuing mentorships if funds allow.

A subcommittee headed by a WGS executive board member administers JUMP. The committee is responsible for selecting applicants (both graduate and undergraduate) to the program, organizing quarterly seminars and group gatherings, securing ongoing funding for the program, reviewing and analyzing end of quarter evaluations, and well as acting as the point of contact in the event of problems with mentor/mentee relationships.