Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2018 Award winners!

The 2018 Award winners can be found here.

Previous years’ winners

Previous winners can be seen here. Congrats again to all winners!

Karfilis Women in Leadership Award

The Karfilis Leadership Award, named in honor of past UOWGS president Kate Karfilis, is a $2500 award which recognizes graduate students at the University of Oregon who have demonstrated strong dedication to the mission of the professional development of women in all disciplines of science to enable them to become successful contributors to their fields through exemplary leadership. Those who have actively supported the advancement of women in science are eligible to apply.

UOWGS Travel Award

The UOWGS Travel Award is a $1000 award to help defray the cost of presenting either a talk or a poster at a conference. It is awarded to two graduate students per year and is open to UOWGS members.

UOWGS Parenting Award

The UOWGS Parenting Award is a $1200 award intended to assist parents in raising a child while meeting the high demands of a graduate program in the sciences. One student per year will receive this award. Preference will be given to single parents and parents of children under 5 years of age.

UOWGS Sara J. Staggs Undergraduate Transition Award

The Sara J. Staggs Undergraduate Award, named in honor of our founder, is intended to assist undergraduates in their transition from undergraduate to graduate education. Preference will be given to female undergraduates. The award is $300.

UOWGS Undergraduate Summer Research Award

The UOWGS Undergraduate Summer Research Award is a $500 award offered to students wishing to gain research experience in order to advance their scientific development. Two UO undergraduates (or recent graduates) planning on working in a lab for the summer will be awarded the scholarship.

The Selection Process

All award materials will be complied and reviewed by a section committee which consists of faculty representatives from science departments representing our membership, a post doctoral student, and an outside member. Each application will be judged by the content, and all members are strongly encouraged to apply regardless of involvement level in UOWGS. Undergraduate awards do not require WGS membership to apply. Graduate level awards do require WGS membership, but the $5 dues may be turned in with the application.

Award funding is provided by jointly provided by the Graduate School and WGS fundraising efforts, except the Karfilis Leadership Award, which comes from a generous donation by the Karfilis Family. If you have any questions about the selection process please feel free to contact us at