2019/2020 Officers

2019/2020 Officers

Katie Denning— President

Katie is a fourth-year PhD student in the Psychology Department in the Social Cognition Lab run by Dr. Sara Hodges. She studies how people consider the perspectives (e.g., thoughts, feelings, beliefs; AKA perspective taking) of others and how this process impacts our everyday social lives, especially political intergroup relations and polarization.Outside of the lab, Katie loves to spend time with her friends (and adorable dog Lily) while exploring new hikes and wineries, or spending a night at home cooking and watching Netflix

Kira Egelhofer — Treasurer, Vice-President

Kira Egelhofer is a fifth-year graduate student of chemistry and member of the Lonergan Lab. Her research focuses on understanding charge-transport processes at the interface of the solar cell absorber and contact. Kira enjoys being in the outdoors, wine tasting, and annual Harry Potter re-readings.

Krystal Oon— Social Chair

Krystal is a fourth-year biology graduate student in the Prehoda Lab. Her research focuses on understanding how the actomyosin cytoskeleton is involved in polarizing neural stem cells. Outside of lab, she enjoys doing yoga and meditation, taking care of her fish and house plants, watching TV, eating, and reading.

Heather Le Bleu— Seminar Chair

Heather Le Bleu is a third-year graduate student of biology in the Stankunas lab. Her research is focused on identifying the molecular pathway for zebrafish fin regeneration. Outside research she enjoys the gym, reading and spending time with her Persian cat named Petals (see photo).

Grace Waddell — Outreach Co-Chair

Grace is a third year biochemistry graduate student in the Hansen Lab. Her research investigates how signaling molecules are recruited to membrane surfaces during signal transduction events. She uses TIRF microscopy to visualize fluorescent proteins interacting supported lipid bilayers. Outside the lab, you can find Grace spending time with her friends, taking pictures, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Stephanie VanBeuge — Outreach Co-Chair

Steph is a third year biology graduate student in the Guillemin lab. She studies how bacteria influence gut development in fruit flies. She is an expert fly dissector, and can catch a fly out of the air with her hands! When she is not in the lab, Steph enjoys swimming and being outside.

Kelly Robles — Recorder Chair

Kelly is a 2nd year psychology PhD student in the Cognitive-Neuroscience area working with Dr. Sereno. She studies integrative visual perception with a focus on how context impacts shape and pattern perception. Outside of the lab Kelly loves visiting wineries, searching for fancy desserts, and Lord of the Rings marathons on chilly days.

Janelle Stevenson — Public and Alumni Relations Chair

Janelle Stevenson is a fourth-year biology graduate student in the Zemper Lab. Her research focuses on understanding homeostasis and regeneration in the colonic epithelium. She investigates how the loss of a specific protein, expressed throughout the colon, alters homeostasis and reduces regeneration capability in mice. In her free time, she likes spending time with her husband and two kids, running, and baking.

Carolyn Levinn – JUMP Chair

Carrie is a sixth-year chemistry graduate student working in the Pluth Lab. Her research involves designing new hydrogen sulfide donors and probes. Outside of lab, she enjoys running, baking, giraffes, and cats!

Annie Gilbert — Funding Chair

Annie Gilbert is a third-year chemistry graduate student in the Pluth lab. Her research focuses on developing small molecule hydrogen sulfide donors. Outside of research, she enjoys running, rowing, and spending time with her cat, Olive.

Vi Truong — Webmaster

Vi is a third year biochemistry graduate student in the McKnight lab. She studies why organisms use energy to organize their DNA into certain patterns. Outside of lab, she can be found gardening, playing video games, and working on her Ph.D side quest of becoming an amateur naturalist.


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