2019 WGS Ally Awards

Below are the list of names for individuals who were nominated as Allies for women in STEM. This year’s inaugural winner was Gabriel Yette. Additional nominations include:

  • Chris Funch
  • Dr. Darren Johnson
  • Dr. Jeff McKnight
  • Dr. Karen Guillemin
  • Dr. Tori Byington
  • Dr. Mark Longergan
  • Dr. Edward Davis
  • Tzula Propp

Nominate Your Greatest Ally

Nominations are due by July 23rd. Submit up to two nominees here.

Purpose: The mission of this award is to recognize and honor the students, faculty, post doctorates and staff who have demonstrated they are allies for women and gender minorities within STEM fields. The long-term goal of this award is to show our appreciation of people in our community who are allies for women in science as well as illustrate broadly to our UO community the characteristics of what and who
makes a successful ally for women in science.

Nominations: Any UOWGS member may nominate up to 2 people for the award. The nominees can include any person within the UO community: students, post doctorates, faculty, staff of any gender who is or is not a member of UOWGS.