Five takeaways from UO AWSM’s Skype meeting with Nicole Auerbach

The UO AWSM chapter hosted another successful meeting on January 25 when they hosted a Skype session with USA Today college sports reporter Nicole Auerbach.

Attendees enjoyed listening to Nicole talk about her path to journalistic success in a variety of sports, and got to ask her questions in a conversation Q&A. From learning about her internship experience to tips on building effective relationships while networking, here’s what we took away from the meeting:

1. Take the time to build out your network with your colleagues. For example, players and coaches because they are some of the people that can help you later on in your career.

2. Remember to give yourself credit for the work you produce. Don’t be overwhelmed with any surrounding negativity.

3. Know it’s okay to take time for yourself, but don’t feel guilty about maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

4. Many experiences in the journalism industry happen by going out and practicing your craft.

5. Having a passion for what you do makes your job more enjoyable.

Thank you, Nicole!