Five takeaways from AWSM’s Cover Letter workshop

UO AWSM hosted a successful meeting on November 9 during a Cover Letter Workshop led by UO AWSM’s advisor Lori Shontz. The meeting gave attendees a chance to read their cover letters and receive feedback from board members on what they did well and what improvements they can make to make their letters more effective.

Here are five things that we took away from the workshop:

  1. Think about your cover letter as a lede, it tells your story.
  2. Be modest about your accomplishments but don’t brag.
  3. The cover letter isn’t your resume but do talk about your path to where you are now.
  4. Make your nut graf about what you can bring to the job you’re applying for.
  5. This is the chance for the company to get to know you as a person: show your personality beyond your work.