Five Points of Wisdom from KEZI’s Hayley Lewis

KEZI sports reporter and anchor Hayley Lewis spoke to our AWSM chapter last Wednesday night about her career in sports broadcasting. Lewis, a previous winner of Miss Tennessee, shared how she gained the self-confidence that led her to her current job.

The best role you can play is yourself

Hayley emphasized that being yourself is the best thing you can do when applying for jobs. There are people with some of the same skills as you, but there’s only one of you. Be yourself and things will fall in place.

Find your passion by trying new things

Hayley didn’t start in broadcasting, and she mentioned that it’s OK to start your career in a different field. A former finance major, Lewis talked about how she shared a love of football with her dad, was a college football coach, and then became passionate about public speaking while in college. Trying new things can lead you to things you wouldn’t have imagined yourself doing.

You don’t need to have everything figured out right away

#Adulting is difficult. Lewis shared how she’s still learning how to adjust to her new city and is learning to budget both time and money. She even admitted to going on Bumble BFF to find new friends that aren’t co-workers and that she’s taken comfort in being in new situations.

Everyone has different strengths

Finding the something that makes you stand out from other applicants isn’t always obvious. Lewis shared that her time at Miss Tennessee helped her find her niche in public speaking and then combined it with sports. However, she told us that we don’t have to know our unique skill set now, but to find it by trying new things.

You don’t get a job on a silver platter, you have to really want it

Hayley talked about how she applied for 88 jobs, heard back from 12 and ended up getting three offers. She said, “Make sure you’re passionate about your field before applying for jobs, it’ll be easier to work harder.”