Five Tips from Oregon AWSM Founder Beth Maiman

University of Oregon alumnus Beth Maiman Skyped in with our chapter last week to discuss how she founded the AWSM chapter, her experiences working as a sports reporter and her journey in becoming an Emmy Award winner. Here are our five takeaways from her visit last week:

1. Be confident! You may think you’re not ready for a position, but others can see that you are.

2. Branch out as a reporter and get comfortable covering multiple sports. Beth explained how she did not know much about hockey when she first began covering it. She said she reached out to other reporters for help and built relationships with the players.

“Grabbing onto as many experiences as you can and meeting as many people as you can is key.”

3. You’re not married to anything. Beth explained how tough it can be to get your first job or internship, but it’s important to understand that, no matter what you do, be the best at it. Your first job won’t be the rest of your life.

“No matter what job you can get, you can gain some skill from it. Work your butt off to be an expert in anything.”

4. Don’t rush into anything. One of Beth’s rules was to make sure you give yourself enough time to search for a job, and when you get one, ask yourself, “is this really where I want to be?”

5. Lastly, Beth encouraged us all to take chances and pursue anything and everything you want.

“The time is now!”

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