Five Tips From Boston Celtics Reporter Amanda Pflugrad

 University of Oregon alumnus, Amanda Pflugrad Skyped in with our chapter last week from the East Coast! Pflugrad spent her undergraduate years in the School of Journalism and Communications and as a cheerleader for the Ducks. She now is a Sports Reporter/Host for the Boston Celtics. 

Here are a few takeaways from our event with Amanda:

1) Everyone has their own career journey and path that they take. Just try and find your own way. Their isn’t one linear path, dream big!

2) One of the best things out of her job and this industry is the relationships and connections she makes! Her advice is to value the relationships you make and use them for your broadcast and your career!

3) Your willingness to learn will get you far! Pflugrad emphasized that being flexible and able to work with people will make you more appealing to hire.

4) It’s OK to be uncertain and scared of the future, continue to try and figure things out—that’s the best you can do!

5) Use your resources! Everyone around you is often willing to help if you ask, both your professors and professionals in the sports media industry.