Rent-a-Pooch: Playing with pups for a cause

UO PRSSA and Greenhill Humane Society teamed up on Thursday, Oct. 25 to host Rent-a-Pooch on the Memorial Quad lawn. Rent-a-Pooch allows University of Oregon students to play with dogs while raising funds for UO PRSSA and Greenhill Humane Society, a Eugene animal shelter that saves the lives of more than 2,000 animals each year. The event also helps Greenhill promote animal adoption and volunteerism.

Eight playful pooches from the Greenhill were rented out to more than 100 students for increments of 15 or 30 minutes. Equipped with leashes, chew toys, doggie treats, and blankets, the students were able to walk and play with their new friend during the allotted time.

Along with raising funds for UO PRSSA, the event helped Greenhill Humane Society with their outreach efforts. According to Denise Brittain, Community Outreach Manager of Greenhill Humane Society, Rent-a-Pooch profoundly effects adoption and volunteer rates. “Students realize how much they miss their dogs at home,” said Brittain.

Through the outing, representatives of Greenhill are able to “tell the adopter how [the dogs] behave outside the kennel” and “see how they react toward all types of different people,” explained another member of the Greenhill outreach team.

With a full day of playful pups and eager students, Rent-a-Pooch was a successful (and fun) event that raised more than $400 to support the Greenhill Humane Society.

Post by Sofia Webster, PRSSA member for the 2012-2013 school year. She is an English Literature major at the UO. You can contact Sofia through our blog editor:!

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