Tcetxo Fish

CfEnmo.vert1.length CfHypr.vert4.lengthThe Chetco Indian village of Tcetxo (35-CU-42) is located on the Port of Brookings Harbor property in southern Oregon. The port’s commercial receiving dock was badly damaged by a tsunami in March 2011 and required extensive repairs. Before this was done, Rick Minor and his firm, Heritage Research Associates,  excavated some backhoe trenches and test pits and recovered a variety of remains from the remnant shell midden, dated to 2000-1300 years ago (Minor 2012). Julie Ricks analyzed over 25,000 vertebrate faunal remains, most of which were fish. Rockfish was the most common taxon, but many others were identified too. A number of bulk column samples were excavated, but not processed until spring of 2015 when my Zooarchaeology students started work on the project. Sarah Mendiaz took these photographs and Kyla Page-Bothelo is continuing work on the project. Stay tuned for our results… but I’ll reveal here that most of the new taxa we’re identifying are from 1 mm mesh screens!

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