Potential Graduate Student Applicants

Thank you for your interest in the UO Department of Anthropology graduate program. I am no longer accepting incoming graduate students who have only a Bachelor’s degree.  I am still accepting advisees who would enter with a Master’s degree in Anthropology and who already have archaeological field experience on the Northwest Coast or in Alaska. Such an applicant should already have a good idea for their Ph.D. dissertation in archaeology.

Serious applicants who would like to work with me shouldn’t just peruse my webpages. Please read my publications including the books, Northwest Coast: Archaeology as Deep History or The Archaeology of North Pacific Fisheries, and some of my journal articles. Please also note that I am unable to respond to inquiries from prospective grad students immediately; please do not take this personally. I encourage you to spend time reading my published work instead of writing me emails. It is there that you will discover my research priorities and interests. You will find that the UO Department of Anthropology Graduate Handbook provides key information about our program http://anthropology.uoregon.edu/academics/graduate/graduate-student-handbook/

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