Master’s and Ph.D. Committees


Ames, Christopher (M.A. 2009) From Chipped to Ground: the Spatio-Temporal Systematics of 9000 Years of Archaeological Change in Southwest British Columbia, McGill University, Montreal.  (External Examiner.)

Baird, Melissa (Ph.D. 2009) – The Politics of Place: UNESCO, Heritage Discourse, and the Epistemologies of Cultural Landscapes (Chair).

Baird, Melissa F. (M.S. 2003) Clam Cove and Tuxedni Bay Pictographs, Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Alaska: Research and Preservation (Chair).

Benedict, Hope (Ph.D. 1996 – History) Place and Community in the Mining West: Lemhi County, Idaho, 1866-1929. (external member).

Bowden, Brad (M.S. 1995) A New Look at Late Archaic Settlement Patterns in the Upper Willamette Valley (Chair).

Braje, Todd (Ph.D. 2007) – Archaeology, Human Impacts, and Historical Ecology on San Miguel Island, California.

Bundy, Barbara (Ph.D. 2005) Preventing Looting and Vandalism at Archaeological Sites in the Pacific Northwest (Chair).

Byram, R. Scott (Ph.D. 2002) Brush Fences and Basket Traps: the Archaeology and Ethnohistory of Tidewater Weir Fishing on the Oregon Coast.

Calede, Jonathan (M.S. Geological Sciences, 2010) Systematics and Paleoecology of Northern Great Basin Mylagaulidae (Mammalia: Rodentia). (committee member).

Casperson, Molly (M.S. 2009) – Bird Remains from the Lower Midden (6700-4900 cal BP) of the Mink Island Site (49-XMK-030), Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska (Chair).

Casperson, Molly (Ph.D. 2017) – Walrus, Seal, and Seabird Faunal Remains from Summit Island in Bristol Bay, Alaska: The Subsistence Practices of Norton Peoples in an Island Environment (2740–980 cal B.P.) (Chair).

Culleton, Brendan (Ph.D. 2012) Human Ecology, Agricultural Intensification, and Landscape Transformation in the Ancient Maya Polity of Uxbenká, Southern Belize.

Erickson, Jared (M.S. 1999) The Geoarchaeology of Multiroom Houses at 49-NAK-8 in Southwest Alaska. (2nd reader).

Fentress, Jeffrey (Ph.D. 2002) The Archaeology of Butte Valley, Siskiyou County, California. (Chair).

Fitzpatrick, Scott (Ph.D. 2003) “Stones of the Butterfly”: An Archaeological Investigation of Yapese Stone Money Quarries in Palau, Western Caroline Islands, Micronesia.

Fitzpatrick, Scott (M.S. 2003 – Historic Preservation) Geographic Information System Development in American Samoa: Implications for Archaeological Data Collection.

Fulton, Kathryn (Ph.D. 2008) Personhood, Discourse, Emotion, and Environment in a Tlingit Village.

Garcia, Tracy (M.S. 2010) Colonial Encounters with the Past: Paul Schumacher, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Origins of Pacific Coast Archaeology. (2nd reader).

Griffin, Dennis (Ph.D. 1999) Portrait of Nash Harbor: Prehistory, History, and Lifeways of an Alaskan Community.

Haynes, Chelle B.  (M.S. 2018) Decolonizing Shipwrecks Through Considerations of Indigeneity in Underwater Cultural Property Decisions (2nd reader).

Jew, Nicholas (Ph.D. 2013) Paleocoastal Resource Use and Human Sedentism in Island Environments: a Case Study from California’s Northern Channel Islands.

Jones, Jennifer (M.S. 1995) Analysis of the Faunal Remains from the Twin Rocks (35CU183) Archaeological Site, Curry County, Oregon (Chair).

Kennedy, Jaime (Ph.D. 2018)  A Paleoethnobotanical Approach to 14,000 Years of Great Basin Prehistory: Assessing Human – Environmental Interactions through the Analysis of Archaeological Plant Data at Two Oregon Rockshelters.

Knox, Margaret (M.S. 2000 – Geography) Ecological Change in the Willamette Valley at the Time of Euro-American Contact ca. 1800-1850. (external member).

Kramer, Stephenie (M.S. 2000) – Camas, Intensification, and Gender: a Case Study of the Kalapuya and their Predecessors, Willamette Valley, Oregon (Chair).

Landreau, Christopher (M.S. 1995) The Twin Rocks Archaeological Site (35CU183): Implications for the Understanding of Inland Coastal Settlement in Southern Oregon (Chair).

Largaespada, Leah (M.S. 2001) From Sand and Sea: Marine Shell Artifacts from Archaeological Sites in the Fort Rock Valley, Northern Great Basin (Chair).

Lewis, David (M.A. 2000) – Tolowa Deeni Fish Camp – a Traditional Cultural and Archaeological Property Nomination to the National Register of Historic Places (Chair).

Losey, Robert (M.S. 1996) Fishing on the Lower Coquille River: a Zooarchaeological Perspective (Chair).

Losey, Robert (Ph.D. 2002) Communities and Catastrophe: Tillamook Response to the AD 1700 Earthquake and Tsunami, Northern Oregon Coast. (Chair).

McInnis, Heather (Ph.D. 2006) Middle Holocene Climate and Culture on the South Coast of Peru (Chair).

McLaren, Duncan (Ph.D. 2008, Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Victoria) Sea Level Change and Archaeological Site Locations on the Dundas Island Archipelago of North Coastal British Columbia (External Examiner).

McMillan, Alan (Ph.D. 1996, Archaeology, Simon Fraser University) Since Kwatyat Lived on Earth: An Examination of Nuu-chah-nulth Culture History (External Examiner).

Marr, Gerald (Ph.D. 1998) Conversations with Richard G. Newton: the Life Story of Klgak’eesh, a Tlingit Elder.

Martinez, Elena (M.A. 1996) Theory and Application of Cultural Representation in Museum Exhibits: a Case Study (Chair).

Marucci, Gina (M.A. 2000 – Gender/Women’s Studies, University of Northern British Columbia) Lake Babine Women’s Rites of Passage: an Archaeological Inquiry (External Examiner).

Mitchell, Denise (M.A. 1999) “Singing the Warp, Singing the Weft:” an Inventory and Analysis of Baskets at the Coos Historical Society Museum (Chair).

Norris, Nicole – (M.A. 2005) – An Engendered Analysis of Ground Stone Artifacts from the Mill Creek Prehistoric Site Complex, Salem, Oregon (Chair).

Patton, A. Katherine (Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Toronto, 2010) Reconstructing Houses: Early Village Social Organization in Prince Rupert Harbour, British Columbia. (External Appraiser).

Plueard, Jessie (M.A. 2016) Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians Cultural Resource Management Plan. (Chair).

Ralls, Justin (Ph.D., Music, 2020) Song of the Most Beautiful Bird in the Forest. (external member).

Rick, Torben (M.S. 1999) From Sandy Beaches to Rocky Shores: Early Holocene Fishers of the California Coast (2nd reader).

Rick, Torben C. (Ph.D. 2004) Daily Activities, Community Dynamics, and Historical Ecology on California’s Northern Channel Islands.

Rorrer, Kathryn (M.S. 1997) Subsistence Evidence from Inland and Coastal Cave Sites on Easter Island (2nd reader).

Russell, Chris Caskey (Ph.D. 2001 – English) Tools of Self-Definition: Colonization and Tlingit Intellectual Tradition (external member).

Seaton, Anne (M.A. 1996 – Historic Preservation) Historic Structures Report: Lone Pine Indian Shaker Village, The Dalles, Oregon (external member).

Sloan, Anna C. (M.S. 2013) Tiŋmiat Aŋuniaq: Birds in Ipiutak and Western Thule Lifeways at Deering, Alaska (Chair).

Souders, Paul (M.S. 1997) Ellikarrmiut Economy: Animal Resource Use at Nash Harbor (49-NI-003) Nunivak Island, Alaska (Chair).

Smith, Carley (M.S. 2010) Diversifying Shellfish Collecting Strategies from La Zanja, a Formative Period Fishing-Farming Community on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. (2nd reader).

Supernant, Kisha Marie (Ph.D. 2011) Inscribing Identities on the Landscape: a Spatial Exploration of Rock Features in the Lower Fraser River Canyon. Ph.D. dissertation, Department of Anthropology, University of British Columbia. (External Examiner).

Teeman, Diane (M.S. 2003) The NAGPRA, the “Numics” and the “Spirit Cave Man”: Determining “Cultural Affiliation” in the Great Basin (Chair).

Teoh, Melissa – (M.S. 2011) Craft Specialization and Production Scale: Understanding Figulina Ware in Neolithic Dalmatia (Co-Chair).

Tveskov, Mark (Ph.D. 2000) The Coos and Coquille: a Northwest Coast Historical Anthropology.

Ulrich, Heather (M.S. 2009) Analysis of Bird Remains from the Dunes Site (35-CLT-27), Northern Oregon Coast (Chair).

Vellanoweth, René (Ph.D. 2001) Coastal Archaeology of Southern California: Accounts from the Holocene.

Viksne, Jennifer (M.S. 2006) – The New Lake Midden, Coos County, Oregon: a Case of Landscape Change (Chair).

Walsh, Rory (M.A. 2010) Millet Domestication and Use in the Yiluo River Valley, North China, Mid-Neolithic to Early State Period. (2nd reader)

Walsh, Rory (Ph.D. 2017) Ceramic Specialization and Exchange in Complex Societies: a Compositional Analysis of Pottery from Mahan and Baekje in Southwestern Korea.

Wasson, George B. (M.A. 1994) The Coquille Indians and the Cultural Black Hole of the Southwest Oregon Coast (2nd reader).

Wasson, George B. (Ph.D. 2001) Growing Up Indian: an Emic Perspective.

Wellman, Hannah P. (M.A. 2016) Applied Zooarchaeology and Oregon Coast Sea Otters (Enhydra lutris): Following Up on Lyman (1988). (Chair).

Whaley, Gray (Ph.D. 2002 – History) Creating Oregon from Illahee: Race, Settler-Colonialism, and Native Sovereignty in Western Oregon, 1792-1856. (external member).

Wozniak, Joan (Ph.D. 2003) Exploring Landscapes on Easter Island (Rapanui) with Geoarchaeological Studies: Settlement, Subsistence, and Environmental Change.

Younker, Jason (Ph.D. 2003) Coquille/Ko’kwel, A Southern Oregon Coast Indian Tribe: Revisiting History, Ingenuity, and Identity.

In Progress:

Johnson, Geoffrey (Ph.D. Geography) History of Fire in the Cascades.

Jorissen, Philippa (Ph.D.) Topic: Archaeology of Fisheries in Oceania.

Keegan, Tara (Ph.D. History) The Endurance of the Upriver People: a Karuk Story of Sport and Survival 1877-1928.

Miller, Sophie (Ph.D.) Topic: Cat Domestication.

Sloan, Anna (Ph.D.) Learning Gender at Nunalleq: Archaeological Applications of Yup’ik Knowledge. (Chair)

Wellman, Hannah P. (Ph.D.) Marine mammals before extirpation and protection: Using archaeology to understand Native American use of sea otters and whales in Oregon prior to European contact. (Chair)

Robert D. Clark Honors College Theses Committees, completed:

Bouknight, Aletheia (2012) Analysis of Bird Remains from the Bergen Site (35-LK-3175) in the Fort Rock Basin, Oregon. (co-advisor).

Damon, Katherine (2012) Theory and Interpretation in Rock Art: an Examination of the Birthing Figure Panels of Tsaagaan Salaa/Baga Oigor. (advisor).

Kobel, Christina (2001) The Pistol River Archaeological Site: Analysis of a Private Collection. (advisor).

Ringle, Molly J. (1996) The Domesticated Dog among Prehistoric and Historic Plains Indians. (advisor).

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