Herring and People of the North Pacific – Jan. 2021

We are excited that University of Washington Press has announced that Herring and People of the North Pacific: Sustaining a Keystone Species will be published in January 2021.

Every since I found concentrations of herring bones in a site near Angoon, Alaska, I have been intrigued by herring.

Thomas Thornton is the lead author of this book on which I’ve been privileged to collaborate.  Dr. Thornton has done so much to push forward knowledge of herring, based on his work with more than 100 traditional knowledge holders throughout southeast Alaska.

This interdisciplinary book shows how Indigenous knowledge can deepen understanding of marine ecology. This book is for anyone interested in fishing, the global crisis in forage fisheries, marine ecosystems and food webs, Indigenous knowledge of marine environments, and how to combine ethnological, archaeological and other scientific methods and evidence to produce detailed long-term histories of foundation and cultural keystone species in the North Pacific and beyond.

You can find more info at:https://uwapress.uw.edu/book/9780295748290/herring-and-people-of-the-north-pacific/

Archaeological Herring

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