Sea Otters and Zooarchaeology

Photo by Milo Burcham

I just returned from a great visit to the University of Arkansas.  I was happy to visit the Anthropology Department in the graceful “Old Main,” the amazing Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies, as well as the impressive people and facilities at the Arkansas Archaeological Survey.  I was there to deliver the Stigler Lecture: Tlingit Relationships with Sea Otters: What can we learn from Zooarchaeology? I was interviewed on this topic at public radio station KUAF by Kyle Kellams, and you can hear that interview at:

This work will be published in the April, 2020, issue of American Antiquity.
A special thanks to JoAnn and Ken Kvamme for arranging this visit, and to John, Jacqui, and Ivy for their support along the way.
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