Learning Goals Reflection

  1. To complete all large-scale projects in a timely manner this term, without getting bogged down by tweaking the details.

–> This is something I was able to do successfully this term! It helped that our focus was more on theory and strategic marketing planning instead of on learning to use design tools- but I also learned to work more efficiently on my projects.

  1. To complete all readings, take thorough notes to go with them, and seek out related reading materials.

–> I completed about 80% of the readings. However, I did seek additional readings through my marketing internship at the Hult, which gave me valuable perspectives on role of marketers within performing arts organizations.

  1. To contribute to all  discussions revolving around class content, and to engage in related conversations with classmates both in and out of class.

–> I felt like I did an adequate job of engaging in classroom discussions. However, outside of class, most of my peer-to-peer discussion related to class content revolved around research methods.

  1. To utilize/view/read every one of the resources listed on the MKTG|MEDIA|COMM page.

–> I went through about 70% of the materials on the course homepage. I consider these to be valuable resources in terms of marketing strategies, and plan to refer back to them and continue exploring the remainder of the content during spring term and beyond.

  1. To challenge myself.

–>This was certainly true for me this term. My individual marketing plan for the “Intertwined” storytelling event allowed me to take on the job of designing branded materials, and directly apply my skills built last term within a strict time constraint.