Student Survey

1. Where did you move from to attend the UO? And, briefly describe how you landed on the UO AAD program. Any interesting, funny, anecdotal stories/details are welcome.

I am originally from Bend, Oregon but I attended the UO for my undergraduate degree in Anthropology. I decided to become part of the AAD program because I am very interested in the museum studies concentration.

2. Area of concentration in AAD?

My area of concentration is Museum Studies.

3. Describe your knowledge and use of technology systems. Responses should include the following:

  • Computer platform you use (Mac, PC, Linux, other): I use a PC computer, however I am not very knowledgeable about computers.
  • Smart phones, tablets, other hand held/smart devices: I have an Iphone smart phone as well as a Kindle fire
  • Digital Cameras, Video, Audio devices: I have used a digital camera before but I have limited experience.
  • Peripherals – printers, scanners, other necessary and/or cool gadgets: I have experience in using both a printer and scanner but my knowledge of both devices is limited.

4. What software do you commonly use? Briefly describe purpose/application for software on your list.

I do not use any software.

5. Do you have any graphic design or media production/management experience? Have you taken any graphic design or media production courses?

I do not have any graphic design or media production/management experience nor have I taken any graphic design or media production courses.

6. Know anything about typography?

No, I do not know anything about typography.

7. Do you use Web 2.0 apps? Name those that you use or are familiar with.

No, I do not use Web 2.0 apps.

8. Do you use Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Yelp, etc.)? Name those that you engage in.

I use Facebook and Snapchat.

9. Tell me something unique about yourself.

I danced in the 2008 Holiday Bowl halftime show.

10. Anything else?

I have limited experience in design/ media production/ computer uses.

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