End of Term Dinner

It is with a mix of pride, excitement and sadness that I write to let you all know that we are just a few weeks away from the end of the term! The Fall 2015 exchange students have been a fantastic group, from discussing classes over espresso, to attending basketball games in Portland and through it all creating close cross-cultural friendships.12183990_1686586251564110_5342657724308462015_o

Our last event of the term is quickly approaching. All exchange students are invited to the End of Term Dinner at McMenamin’s Cafe at 12186565_1686588964897172_7890991333220466547_o6pm on December 2nd for one last chance to get together and enjoy some delicious PNW fare. If you don’t know where the Cafe is located, meet Hilary at Oregon Hall at 5:30/5:45 that evening, and we will walk over together.

Thanks to all our students for a fantastic term! As always, email Hilary and Paolo at exchange@uoregon.edu with any questions.


Dear Shy Students: A Blog Post by A Current Exchange Student

I am writing this letter because I considered myself to be a very shy person. However, I have realized that I am not as shy as I believed. The reason is because I am an exchange student at the University of Oregon and you are not so different from me.

First of all, if shyness were our main feature, we just would not be able to come to Eugene. For sure, we felt nervousness, distrust and even fear but after all we decided to study abroad. What this means is that an adventurous and outgoing personality is inside us. Our extroverted character made the first step. It drove us to join to UO and now we are here.

For our real self, the second step is going out gradually from our comfort zone. I am aware that you have probably heard this before, and sometimes it is annoying because we do not really know what to do to be explorers. Nevertheless, unconsciously we have already made a lot of progress.

Are you asking why? There are a lot of explanations but initially I want to invite you to look back to your first week in Eugene. It was a little unsettling because you did not know a lot of people. Perhaps you could not communicate really well with others and occasionally you get lost on the campus, right? However, check out your current situation. Now it is easier to go around campus and your communication skills improved a lot with daily practice. The most important fact is that you know more people.

They are not only classmates and conversation partners. These new people are teachers, academic coordinators or International Student and Scholar Services staff. When we start a conversation with them, we are leaving our shyness behind. Sometimes, it is very hard to continue a conversation but now I understand that it is a part of the process to leave our comfort zone. Just let it go!

Hence, my point is that we should not be scared about new situations. We must enjoy this new experience, because we do not lose anything by trying. Coffee hours, football games and other activities are helping me to be myself. I am not saying I have thousands of new friends and I am never shy anymore. However, my point is that we are changing our lives for the better.

Being shy is not wrong. Not trying, however, is wrong.

Best of luck!

Majo Andrade Cerda (Ecuador)


Come to Coffee Hour!

Hello everyone!coffee-heart

I hope you are settling well into your classes and enjoying the beautiful fall season in Eugene. It has been wonderful to meet those of you with whom I spoke at ISO and those who came into the office. In fact, Paolo and I like talking with you so much, we decided to bring back last year’s popular coffee hours! 🙂

We have planned a coffee hour for October 15th at 1pm, thanks to input from students on the facebook group. Come enjoy a steaming mug of coffee at the Marché Museum Café with us! We are planning to meet at the Café (located in the Jordan Schnitzer Art Museum) at 1pm on Monday, October 15th.

Come with questions, stories, experiences, and leave with friendships and new ideas. All are welcome.

With questions, email Hilary at exchange@uoregon.edu

See you there and happy sipping! 🙂

Exchange and Sponsored Students Presentation

During the 2015 International Student Orientation, our Coordinator Paolo Daniele presented this presentation which has lot of answers to commonly asked questions by international students in our office. Topics covered in the presentation include academic advising, class registration, billing, visas, and agency or program-specific questions.

Click this link to learn more!

Exchange and Sponsored Student Programs Presentation 2015