Academic Resources


Need academic support? There are lots of ways to get help with school at the University of Oregon.

The Office of Academic Advising is the number one way to get help with registration, dropping and adding classes and many other topics. They prefer students to have appointments, so if you want their assistance, it is a good idea to call ahead of time to get on their schedule.

If you have declared your major, you can head to your major’s department office to ask specific questions about classes you are interested in, pre-requisites and many other concerns

Perhaps you need help with homework, studying for a test, math, or grammar? If so, check out the Tutoring and Academic Engagement Center. They have all sorts of resources for students and even have private tutors!

The Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence is another great place to get academic advising or go for tutoring! Call in advance to schedule an academic advising appointment and check out their link for tutoring!

UO Academic Deadlines

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