Course Registration

How to register for classes: Step-by-step instructions can be found here.

Signing up for classes can be a bit tricky. This page will help guide you through the steps to sign up for classes here at the U of O!

Registering for Upper-Division Courses: If you are registering for Upper Division Courses, you may need to be cleared to take that course. Please send your course wishlist to to be cleared for any courses that require pre-requisite classes.

Unable to register for class? You may be registering too early! Click this link for steps to find out when you will be eligible to register for classes!

Check Registration Eligibility

Still unable to register due to Registration Holds? Please see information on “Account Holds.”

Want to know what classes are available for the upcoming term? Check out this link: UO Class Schedule

Need Course Syllabus and Course Descriptions? Depending on the course, you may be able to find the Course Syllabus here UO Class ScheduleFollow these steps to find course syllabus and course descriptions.

1. Go to your desired term (for example, Winter Term 2020) Class Schedule Page
2. Search for the course using the subject drop-down menu
3. Click on the CRN for any of the courses. You will find credit information and the course description. There may be a Course Syllabus available to download as well.

Need to know if there are any schedule conflicts? Try out Schedule Builder to build possible schedules for the upcoming term and see what classes are available!

What if the class I want is not available? There are a few options. These options do not guarantee that you will be able to join the class.
1. Sign up for the Waitlist, shown as “WL”.
2. Speak directly with the professor in person or via email.
3. Wait until the first week and check continuously to see if a spot opens up.