End of Term Dinner at McMenamin’s

Here in Eugene we are in the last week of the term before final exams. For years, Oregon students have affectionately dubbed this week: “Dead Week”. However, last night the exchange students were able to spend a lively evening together before they move full-time into the library. To celebrate the end of a term and all the new friendships made during our time together, we met for dinner McMenamin’s Cafe in Eugene. We enjoyed a delicious dinner and laughed a lot. Some students even played pool and shuffleboard!

It was great to see everyone one last time before some of us leave the U of O for our home universities and others head home for the holiday break. Thanks so much to everyone who came. For those students who are traveling home, we wish you safe travels and a well-deserved break from exams and papers. For those whose study at Oregon has come to an end, we’re so happy you spent the term with us. We’ll miss you! At the same time, we are looking forward to meet the new students who are coming in January!