Rock-Climbing, Waterfall-Sighting and Exploring Oregon: A Blog Post by a Current Exchange Student

Angel Lomeli Ramos is a current exchange student at the University of Oregon. He studies computer science and mathematics, and his exchange program began in January 2016.

I’m Angel, an exchange student from Mexico, and during my time in Eugene I have been trying to get involved in the activities the UO offers. Along with my 12698191_1712809958941739_3814909051848083797_o
undergraduate classes, I have attended the exchange coffee hours with Hilary and Paolo, the International Sudents Association coffee hours, Language Circles at the UO Mills Center, German Club sessions, bouldering (rock-climbing) classes at the Campus Gym, and ExplOregon trips around Eugene, and I have had a lot of fun in each one of these activities.

A few weeks ago, we went on an ExplOregon hiking trip to Silver Falls. We first met at the student gym and took a 2 hour bus ride all the way to the Silver Falls State Park. When we arrived, we received a small lunch pack and heard a bit about the history of the park from one of the guides. We then followed the ‘Trail of Ten Falls’ which weaves through the dense
forest and comes across ten different waterfalls. IMG_2739The beautiful scenery, the fresh natural air, and the amazing weather made of the trip a wonderful experience. The highest waterfall measured about 175 feet and we were able to walk behind some of them.  The guide mentioned he likes to walk the trail in different times of the year, since it changes depending on the season. There are some water streams that are dry during the summer or frozen early in winter, making it a different tour every time even for him.

After the long hike, we had a delicious meal and talked with the new friends we had made. Most of them were international students as well! More than one fell asleep on our way back. I am glad I went on th12711135_1712812158941519_3530687173637745632_ois awesome trip and will definitely consider on going to next ExplOregon trips. I think It is the best way to know Oregon and make new friends.