During ISO (International Student Orientation): If you need housing before ISO begins you can stay with a host family or find a hotel.

If you plan to live on-campus, you can apply for early move-in. Please note you can request early arrival when your housing assignment is emailed around August.

How to apply for early move in:
1. Receive your room assignment.
2. Log on to the Housing Portal and sign up for early arrival.
3. There will be a fee per day that you arrive early. Please note this fee depends on the room you are assigned to.
4. Please inform exchange@uoregon.edu that you plan to arrive early so we can notify the Housing Department.

Please contact the Housing Department if you have additional questions.
Phone: 541-346-4277 Email: housing@uoregon.edu

Host Family Information: Limited spaces are available to stay with a local family for a few days (temporary) before moving into your residence hall or apartment (it’s free). ,Apply here. (Homestay application deadline is July 15, 2018).

Hotel Information: Find hotels near the UO.

Many students choose to stay at the Phoenix Inn Suites. The Phoenix Inn Suites offers a discounted price for International Students at $79/night starting between September 8-25, 2018. *If you are making a reservation, be sure to tell them that you are a “UO International Student.”

TIP: the EMX bus may stop near your hotel and connect directly to the UO!  Show your UO ID to ride for free!

During the school year: Students can choose to live on or off campus at the University of Oregon. Learn more in our Housing Guide for international students.

On-Campus Housing: Guide

Off-Campus Housing: Guide