Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee aims to gather legislative resources, collaborate with key units on campus, and disseminate information related to immigration law and policy changes at the federal, state, and local levels relevant to UO Dreamers. This may include (per our best practices) partnering with local organizations and immigration attorneys to provide legal assistance and consultations to Dreamers and/or information to faculty, campus units, and allies. In addition, our committee is charged with staying informed of policy changes at the federal, state, local, system, and institutional levels related to Dreamers.

Co-Chairs: Kristen Yarris and Daniel Tichenor

Student Resources and Support Committee

The Student Resources and Support subcommittee has the following aims: (1) to facilitate the creation and sustained support of comprehensive resources for DREAMer students, including scholarships, professional development funds, and admissions policies, (2) support the creation of DREAMer lead support groups and safe spaces, including networking opportunities, culturally competent counseling and legal resources, (3) help create and maintain guides and a website for DREAMers that will contain resources for in-coming DREAMers, post-graduation resources, and links to scholarships, legal and advocacy organizations, (4) support the collaborative work of campus units in providing resources and support to UO DREAMers and their families.

Co-Chairs: Dulce Castro and Rosa Chavez

Education, Training & Outreach

The Education/Training subcommittee of the UO Dreamers Working Group has the following aims: (1) to raise faculty, staff, and student awareness of the experiences, challenges, and assets of undocumented students (2) to enhance faculty, staff, and student capacity to be effective allies and advocates for Dreamers, and (3) to provide faculty, staff, and students with access to resources for better understanding, supporting, and empowering Dreamer students. Outreach and training efforts will include diverse campus units that are involved directly or indirectly with Dreamers, for example, academic departments, academic advising, financial aid, offices of student life, ASUO groups, residence halls, etc.

Co-Chairs: Audrey Lucero and Ellen McWhirter

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