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Latin@ Strategy Group
The Latin@ Strategy Group (LSG) is an emerging alliance of faculty, staff, students, and community members collaborating to improve the educational access and equity for Latin@ students, faculty and staff at the UO.

Black Strategies Group (BSG)
The BSG is a community of faculty, staff and students who identify as African American, Black or of African descent.
We seek to build community and to support each other.

Asian Pacific Islander Strategic Initiative Group
The API SIG provides a forum of faculty, students and staff for discussion on issues relative to the API community on campus.
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IMPACT (Intercultural Mentoring Program Advancing Community Ties) is an undergraduate retention program that assists with the transition for first year and transfer students of color into the University of Oregon. We create a comfortable, accepting, and culturally engaging experience through peer-to-peer mentorship.  While the program is open to all students, the purpose of IMPACT is to provide historically underrepresented students social and academic resources to successfully matriculate through the university. Our mission is to foster peer-to-peer relationships through cultural, educational, and social engagement. We honor the power of being connected to community.

Latino/a Law Student Association
Latino/a Law Students bringing awareness to Latin American issues. Good humored group who get together to speak Spanish and eat good food.

Minority Association for Pre-Medical Students (MAPS)
MAPS, Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students, is an organization designed to help minority pre-medical students matriculate into a medical professional school. We are committed to supporting future underrepresented minority health students, addressing the needs of underserved communities, and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent and socially conscious physicians.

Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlan
MECha (El Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlán) is a nation-wide organization that strives to raise awareness on social, cultural, and political issues. We not only raise awareness on issues that concern the Chican@ community, we raise awareness on issues affecting other marginalized communities. We have an after school mentoring program called Ganas at Kelly Middle School. We aim to see more students of color in higher education through Ganas and our annual Raza Unida Youth Conference.

Multi-Ethnic Student Alliance (MESA)
We are the Multi-Ethnic Student Alliance! The mission of MESA is to provide a safe space and community for multi-ethnic students. Students empower, reinforce and educate each other primarily through discussions connecting the lived experience of students to greater social construction of race and ethnicity. We define multi-ethnic as anybody who has more than one ethnic identity within themselves. Examples include multiracial people, trans-racial adoptees, and people with intercultural families. MESA also reaches out to the community to educate and raise awareness about the multi-ethnic experience through social and cultural events.

Multicultural Center (MCC)
Multicultural Center brings together students and faculty, staff, and community members to promote personal growth, cultural pluralism, community education, positive social change, and the end of human oppression by examining issues of gender, sexuality and culture, with primary focus on race and ethnicity. We plan and co-sponsor numerous educational and entertaining events throughout the year.

UO Mujeres
Part of the ideology of the Mujeres group is to recognize that the Latina voice is a powerful cultural and political voice that has historically resisted the dualistic oppression of racism and sexism through education, unity, and support from community members. The main goal of Mujeres is to create a safe environment for its members to discuss issues that affect Latinas on campus, within the Chicano/Latino community, and on a societal level. The group is facilitated by an elected student coordinator and is open to all students, as well as community members, staff and faculty.

UO Fandangueros
UO Fandangueros is a student organization dedicated to teaching the music and dance of southern Mexico called son jarocho. We provide bilingual instruction in how to play traditional instruments like the jarana and guitarra de son, traditional dance (zapateado) and choreography, and the poetic and lyrical tradition of the genre.  We teach music and dance not so much for stage performance, but instead for the traditional participatory experience known as the fandango. Our goal in teaching participatory Mexican music is to promote an understanding of Mexico’s diverse cultural heritage, promote Spanish language use on campus, and create community through uniting students and non-students under one roof.

UO SACNAS exists to create a supportive scientific community at the University of Oregon. SACNAS stands for Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science; however, our goal is to encourage students of all backgrounds to pursue a career in any STEM field. We are here to help you in anyway that we can!

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