Student Academic Checklist

Register for courses.

View your degree audit, general education requirements and major requirements to see which courses you should enroll in.
Need assistance choosing courses/ major?
Contact the Office of Academic Advising, Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence(CMAE) and/or your department advisor.

Course information
Log into to access your course information.

Need assistance with Canvas?
Contact the Knight Computer Help Desk.

Find required course texts on or on course syllabus.

Purchase or Rent Textbooks

UO Duck Store

Smith Family Bookstore, etc.

Access your books  through the Library course reserve: 4 hour loan periods

Request a book loan/ or borrow from current inventory at CMAE

Make a term schedule of your readings, assignments, and exams

Don’t forget to put aside time for yourself! (gym, going home, calling family/friends, hanging out with friends, going to the movies, etc.)

Need assistance scheduling your time? Contact the Teaching and Learning Center.


  • Attend class
  • Participate
  • Ask questions
  • Read weekly assigned material before you attend class
  • Visit your professor’s and GTF’s office hours to introduce yourself, ask questions, and/ or review material


  • Study with friends
  • Attend review sessions
  • Ask questions about the grading and format of the exam
  • Visit your professor’s and GTF’s office hours to ask questions and/or review material

Need assistance with your Math, Language, Writing, and Science courses?
Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence

Teaching and Learning Center

Fenton Hall

Need assistance with test preparation? Contact the Teaching and Learning Center

Free Printing available at the Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence

Tarea Time hosted by the Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence



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