About Us

Mission Statement

The UO DREAMers Working Group is committed to undocumented students’ success. In alignment with the UO mission statement and values[1], the working group aims to support all undocumented students including DACA, DREAMERS/tuition equity students, undocumented, and students of mixed status families. We use the term “Dreamers” to refer to all of these categories of students.

Our mission is to foster the unique gifts and talents of Dreamer students and promote their sense of belonging and safety as they pursue their higher education goals. We are committed to the implementation of HB 2787 passed in 2013 (tuition equity). The goals of our working group include:

  • Raise faculty, staff, and student awareness of the experiences, challenges and assets of undocumented students across all units of campus that might be involved directly or indirectly with Dreamers;
  • Promote the safety, well-being and success of Dreamers;
  • Maintain the integrity needs for the confidentiality and identity of Dreamers.

Our Commitment

  • We aim to continuously gather resources to make them more accessible;
  • Increase access and retention for undocumented students;
  • Promote the advancement of Dreamers students within higher education and create pathways for engaged scholarship including internships and career opportunities;
  • Collaborate with key units on campus to be advocates for Dreamers. Engage with departments and units across campus in contributing to Dreamer students’ resources, development of policy and advocacy efforts in support of Dreamers;
  • Have Dreamer students contribute to achieving the state 40-40-20 goal.

[1]We value the passions, aspirations, individuality, and success of the students, faculty, and staff who work and learn here.
We value academic freedom, creative expression, and intellectual discourse.
We value our diversity and seek to foster equity and inclusion in a welcoming, safe, and respectful community.
We value the unique geography, history and culture of Oregon that shapes our identity and spirit.
We value our shared charge to steward resources sustainably and responsibly    Source:  https://uoregon.edu/our-mission

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