Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese around the world are all celebrating Chinese New Year this week. It’s the year of dog!

This Friday was the first day of the New Year, so we decided to do something festive.

We learned the story of the door gods.

The door gods signify the beginning of a new year. Chinese paste a picture of the door gods on their door. They believe the door gods will guard their homes and protect them from evil.


Students learned how to greet and wish each other a happy new year.

We also learned how to sing one of the most popular Chinese New Year songs with the newly-learned greeting phrases.


Then, we learned how to make our own Chinese paper lanterns!

Look at students’ fabulous artworks.


Welcome Back to the Chinese Club!

Welcome all those who are passionate about learning Chinese and Chinese culture back to our club. This term, with some new teachers and students joining us, we have a fresh start. Our teaching team has developed a curriculum with rich cultural elements and fun language activities.

In our first class, students learned how to introduce themselves and their peers in Chinese!

Students also learned how to say “thank you”, “sorry”, “stand up”, “please be seated” and “salute” in Chinese. We played some games with the newly-introduced language. Students all had a good time.


We are looking forward to seeing everybody next class.

Last Class – Let’s Set Up a Gallery!


As the Fall term is coming to an end, the Chinese Club will take a break and come back in the first week of 2018. For the last class meeting, the students transferred their folders which contained their learning achievements into wonderful poster boards.


At the gallery walk activity, everyone enjoyed presenting their posters to each other while voting for their favorite piece of work. However, to the teachers, every poster was a unique and successful exhibition of what the kid had learned for the club in the past season.


It was not an easy time for two of the teachers – Adam and Reeya to say goodbye to the lovely kids as they are graduating from U of O this term. Having an idea of that, one attentive parent prepared appreciating cards for the teachers and had all the students signed on them.

Let’s look forward to more fun classes with new teachers and students enthusiastic about Chinese learning next year!


Like it or Not?

On the last Friday, our CLCC enjoyed their time reviewing expressions “I like – .”, “I don’t like – .” and “Do you like – ?” They also used these Chinese expressions to share their preferences upon many topics we went through together in this term.

Zhao Laoshi is reviewing vocabulary they have learned so far in this term, including colors, classical Chinese food, sports, shapes.

See the lovely kids are holding sign to express their attitude on the stuff they hear from the teacher.

Delicious Tour around China

On the last Friday, the 2017 Fall Chinese Club kids took another amazing trip around the East, West, South, North and Central parts of China. What made this trip special and spectacular was that students got the chance to make and taste the most original and popular food in the five areas. Look at the pictures and see how much fun they had.


The food the kids learned and made include Beijing Roasted Duck, Chongqing hot pot, Cantonese Dim Sum, Shandong seafood and Henan noodle.











Please stick to our blog and expect more wonderful Chinese classes in the upcoming weeks.

Hello, Chinese Club!

Dear students and parents at Edison School,

Happy new term. Our Chinese Club is going to begin (again) this Friday on Sep 29th!
Our Chinese (Mandarin) teachers this year are Krystal Lyau, Adam Li, and Reeya Zhao who are all graduate students of Language Teaching Studies, Linguistics. We would also like to introduce you our advisor of CLCC, Lara Ravitch who is an expert in language teaching for young learners.

Please contact Lara Ravitch at ravitch@uoregon.edu if you have not registered for our club but would like to.

We all warmly welcome you! 热烈欢迎每一位小朋友!

Chinese Cartoons!

Welcome back, our lovely students! This is the first post of Spring Term. In this week, we talked about Chinese Cartoons. We had a lot of sections in the class. First, the teachers showed 6 different posters of cartoons, and let students guess which two cartoons were produced in China. Students also explained why they picked the two cartoons.


Second, we introduced 4 different Chinese cartoons in class, two of them were very popular when the two Chinese teachers were children and others are the most popular cartoons in China right now. Then, the teacher showed three scripts of different cartoons that we just learned in class. Each group would pick up one of them, practice the scripts with their partners in groups, and then act them out in the whole class. Our students had to do self character introduction in Chinese in the activity!  Look! They are working very hard to play their roles:)

The last section was creating cartoons. We hoped our students could use what they learned from this Chinese class to create their own cartoons. Yes! They did it! Some of them wrote Chinese characters in their cartoons, and some of them drew some of the characters that they played in the last activity.


In the end, if students wanted, they could do a short presentation of their own cartoon in Chinese! Look! There is a student is producing his own “黑猫警长 (Black Cat Sheriff)”! Wonderful!


Thank you so much! Please keep studying Chinese!


Frogs Jump

For the last class of this term, we played a game, “frogs jump.” When we played the game in class, we reviewed a couple of key points that we learned a few weeks ago. For example, how many frogs in our classroom? Students counted those frogs in Chinese, such as 一(one), 二(two), 三(three)… 十一(eleven) and 十二(twelve).

And then, we also learned how to say four body parts in Chinese, such as 鼻子(nose), 眼睛(eyes), 嘴(mouth) and 腿(legs). When teacher said a body part, students showed teacher by pointing at. Look! They did very well:) They loved the activity so much!

鼻子(nose)                                                                          眼睛(eyes)


Such a wonderful class! Our Children are smart and hard work, we are very appreciate that!

Thank you everyone! Hope you could keep studying Chinese next term! 谢谢!

What did we learn last week?! Yes~ Chinese Dynasties

This week, every child had a time-machine because we went to ancient Chinese. There were 7  Chinese dynasties we learned in class, which were 秦(Qin), 汉(Han), 唐(Tang), 宋(Song), 元(Yuan), 明(Ming), 清(Qing).

We did a match game: teacher randomly says one Chinese dynasty, and then students choose the flashcard (name of Chinese dynasties and Pinyin) that teacher just says. After that, every child wore a crown, and he/she would be the king or queen of the dynasty. They really loved those crowns!


Be a king/ queen is a not easy thing, our students had a hard task!!! But, they did very well! Students introduced the name of their own dynasty and three secrets that happened in that dynasties to other classmates. After they were done, they could switch their dynasties’ clothing style card to each other. Such as:

the clothing style of 秦(Qin Dynasty) & the clothing style of 汉(Han Dynasty)


In the end, our students practiced writing different categories of Chinese characters, such as

They really loved it! I believed they were enjoy learning Chinese.

Wow! Chinese Buzzword

Today, we had a very cool Chinese class, which was learning Chinese buzzword. We learned 6 very popular Chinese Buzzword, which were “葛优躺”, “吓死宝宝了”, “有点方”, “蓝瘦香菇”, “吃土” and “也是醉了”. After students got the meanings of those buzzwords, they created six pictures to explain them. Those pictures were perfect. Some students also added cartoon elements to make their six pictures become vivid.

After students complete their six pictures of Chinese buzzword, they listened a couple of  short stories. At the same time, they would figure out which picture that they draw matched the story.


They really loved the activity. This was a very creative Chinese class! Thank you everyone:)