Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese around the world are all celebrating Chinese New Year this week. It’s the year of dog!

This Friday was the first day of the New Year, so we decided to do something festive.

We learned the story of the door gods.

The door gods signify the beginning of a new year. Chinese paste a picture of the door gods on their door. They believe the door gods will guard their homes and protect them from evil.


Students learned how to greet and wish each other a happy new year.

We also learned how to sing one of the most popular Chinese New Year songs with the newly-learned greeting phrases.


Then, we learned how to make our own Chinese paper lanterns!

Look at students’ fabulous artworks.


Welcome Back to the Chinese Club!

Welcome all those who are passionate about learning Chinese and Chinese culture back to our club. This term, with some new teachers and students joining us, we have a fresh start. Our teaching team has developed a curriculum with rich cultural elements and fun language activities.

In our first class, students learned how to introduce themselves and their peers in Chinese!

Students also learned how to say “thank you”, “sorry”, “stand up”, “please be seated” and “salute” in Chinese. We played some games with the newly-introduced language. Students all had a good time.


We are looking forward to seeing everybody next class.