What did we learn last week?! Yes~ Chinese Dynasties

This week, every child had a time-machine because we went to ancient Chinese. There were 7  Chinese dynasties we learned in class, which were 秦(Qin), 汉(Han), 唐(Tang), 宋(Song), 元(Yuan), 明(Ming), 清(Qing).

We did a match game: teacher randomly says one Chinese dynasty, and then students choose the flashcard (name of Chinese dynasties and Pinyin) that teacher just says. After that, every child wore a crown, and he/she would be the king or queen of the dynasty. They really loved those crowns!


Be a king/ queen is a not easy thing, our students had a hard task!!! But, they did very well! Students introduced the name of their own dynasty and three secrets that happened in that dynasties to other classmates. After they were done, they could switch their dynasties’ clothing style card to each other. Such as:

the clothing style of 秦(Qin Dynasty) & the clothing style of 汉(Han Dynasty)


In the end, our students practiced writing different categories of Chinese characters, such as

They really loved it! I believed they were enjoy learning Chinese.

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