Hello, Chinese Club!

Dear students and parents at Edison School,

Happy new term. Our Chinese Club is going to begin (again) this Friday on Sep 29th!
Our Chinese (Mandarin) teachers this year are Krystal Lyau, Adam Li, and Reeya Zhao who are all graduate students of Language Teaching Studies, Linguistics. We would also like to introduce you our advisor of CLCC, Lara Ravitch who is an expert in language teaching for young learners.

Please contact Lara Ravitch at ravitch@uoregon.edu if you have not registered for our club but would like to.

We all warmly welcome you! 热烈欢迎每一位小朋友!

Daily Life in Beijing!

The CLCC welcomed all of our lovely and energetic students back after a no-class Friday last week. In this week, we together “went to” Beijing, which is the capital of China, experiencing Beijingers’ lives by “taking subways”, “watching movies”, “going shopping”, “eating roast ducks” as well as “seeing spots”.

img_2884 img_2887 img_2890 img_2881

We worked in groups to design our own ways of visiting the city on the subway maps designed and made by two leading teachers Deng laoshi (Mrs. Deng) as well as Li laoshi (Mr. Li). As teachers, we are more than glad to see all students actively engaged in both learning the language and designing routines. In the end of our class, kids got a chance to taste roast ducks from Eugene!

Welcome to the Chinese Club in 2016

Hello everyone! As the new Fall term beginning, our Chinese Club in Edison school starts again in this following week. In this term, we have three Chinese teachers and are all native Mandarin Chinese (Pu tong hua) speakers. Adam Li is from Henan Province, across which the Huanghe flows. Yan Deng was born in Gansu Province which was a part of the Silk Road. Reeya Zhao is from the capital of China – Beijing. We will see you on September the 30th!