Frogs Jump

For the last class of this term, we played a game, “frogs jump.” When we played the game in class, we reviewed a couple of key points that we learned a few weeks ago. For example, how many frogs in our classroom? Students counted those frogs in Chinese, such as 一(one), 二(two), 三(three)… 十一(eleven) and 十二(twelve).

And then, we also learned how to say four body parts in Chinese, such as 鼻子(nose), 眼睛(eyes), 嘴(mouth) and 腿(legs). When teacher said a body part, students showed teacher by pointing at. Look! They did very well:) They loved the activity so much!

鼻子(nose)                                                                          眼睛(eyes)


Such a wonderful class! Our Children are smart and hard work, we are very appreciate that!

Thank you everyone! Hope you could keep studying Chinese next term! 谢谢!

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