Flutist Molly Barth and guitarist Dieter Hennings join forces to form Duo Damiana, a trail-blazing ensemble dedicated to pushing the boundaries of  flute and guitar music. In their debut album, titled Castillos de Viento (Castles in the Wind), Duo Damiana has…



I produced this album (and that was a task) but the story that rattles around in my head when I think about thorn had nothing to do with the production. I was originally slated to record on one piece (Involuntary) and…in…

"Ed's Coed" Online - 1929 Silent Film

“Ed’s Coed” Online – 1929 Silent Film

“Ed’s Coed” is a silent feature film produced by University of Oregon students in 1929. This version was digitized from a 16mm film print and includes an original score by Prof. Brian McWhorter (UO School of Music and Dance) and…

Lydia Van Dreel - New Millennium Music for Horn

Lydia Van Dreel – New Millennium Music for Horn

Lydia asked me to produce this record and then asked if I’d contribute a piece. The process behind the recording of my Build was pretty funny. And I really like the recording as a whole. Lydia’s a phenom. From the…

Lei Liang - Milou

Lei Liang – Milou

The opening track of this record Ascension was recorded by Meridian Arts Ensemble – and it was my last recording with them before I left the band. It is a terrifyingly difficult work for brass and a really interesting piece…

Beta Collide - psst...psst!

Beta Collide – psst…psst!

Beta Collide, directed by Grammy Award-winning flutist Molly Barth (formerly of eighth blackbird) and trumpeter Brian McWhorter (formerly of Meridian Arts Ensemble), has just released its debut album Psst…Psst! with stellar pianist/celestist David Riley, percussionist/sommelier Phillip Patti, and with contributions…

Meridian Arts Ensemble - Americantus

Meridian Arts Ensemble – Americantus

The brass quintet music of Britton Theurer http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/meridianae9

Renwicke - It's OK to Sit in the Middle of the Road Henry

Renwicke – It’s OK to Sit in the Middle of the Road Henry

Bliggidy Blam - formal i.

Bliggidy Blam – formal i.

Honestly, to this day, I think this is one of my favorites. Bliggidy Blam was a weird project that happened during a time where I got into comic books and this quirky form that seemed to be present. The score…

Pink Baby Monster

Pink Baby Monster

What can I say? The amount of work this album took to put together was extraordinary and unlike anything I’ve ever done in my career. I’ve listened to it many times and think it’s strong. Mark Gould is remarkable –…